Panajachel Bus, shuttle and taxi service

Rebuli is the local bus line that runs from Guatemala City to Panajachel, with numerous stops in between. With the exception of the 7:30 am first-class buses, Rebuli buses are of the notorious “chickenbus” variety: vivaciously painted, second-hand American school buses. As long as you store your passport and other belongings in a money belt under your clothes, these buses are a fascinating and an inexpensive cultural experience not to be missed.
The main Rebuli bus station is located at 21st street and 1-34 Avenue (Zone 1)in Guatemala City, and buses leave every hour into mid-afternoon.

There are numerous shuttle bus services available also. A private shuttle costs about $65. A collective shuttle costs between $10-$15 per person and leave all day. If you need contact
information for a shuttle e-mail us at